bms Marketing Research

Methodical and scientifically sound research methods in both physical and digital contexts.

bms offers a comprehensive range of market research capabilities across a broad spectrum of international markets, including Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

bms market research projects range from worldwide customer satisfaction studies to niche sector market research and competitive intelligence.

bms offers market research capabilities across a broad spectrum of marketing-related issues, including:


1.         Market Description

2.         Market Intelligence

3.         Brand Equity Evaluation

4.         Competitive Intelligence

5.         Benchmarking

6.         Communications Testing  

7.         Product Concept Testing

8.         Voice of the Customer Surveys

9.         Distribution Channel Analysis

10.       Opportunity Analysis  

11.       Pricing Research…


bms employs a wide range of market research techniques, including telephone and face-to-face interviewing, online surveys, internet research, focus groups, ethnographic and product testing, providing solutions for almost every marketing research need..

bms uses state-of-the-art statistical software, in unison with tried and tested research methods to deliver actionable results in a form that can be readily assimilated into a client’s business decision-making process.

bms deploys advanced analysis techniques, including factor analysis, cluster analysis, regression analysis, perceptual mapping and conjoint analysis.

bms always aims to provide actionable results by presenting the data in a way that the client can readily assimilate and exploit.

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