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About bms Marketing Training

bms Marketing Training

Experiential teaching methods including extensive use of simulations, case studies and workshops

bms offers a customized training courses on marketing and market research.

bms in-company training seminars typically focus on the client company's own product and market, thereby ensuring a strong link between marketing and the company's business context.

Customized case studies and exercises can be developed to reflect the client’s priorities and orientation.

bms offers training courses and seminars across a broad spectrum of marketing-related areas, including:


  1. Global Marketing

  2. Digital Transformation of Marketing

  3. Social & Search Marketing

  4. Market Research

  5. Marketing Analytics

  6. Market Intelligence

  7. Branding & Positioning

  8. Segmentation & Targeting

  9. Marketing Planning & Models

  10. New Product Development…


bms range of courses are targeted to companies wishing to undertake in-house courses for their professional staff.   

bms training methodology combines the principle of "learning by doing" with practical application of marketing theory through simulations, case studies and workshops.

bms in-company training programmes of 1 to 3 days duration are offered.

bms consultants include instructors with MBA level training experience plus extensive professional experience in various fields of marketing.

bms managing director Richard Beswick has instructed and mentored MBA level marketing courses at numerous business schools including City University (USA/CH/D), European University (B/CH), Smithers Rapra (UK), MIP (IT), HWZ, SBS, BSL, Kalaidos, HSLU and SwissRe Academy (CH), as well as numerous in-company courses and seminars.

bms can work alongside client's training personnel or independently to develop and deliver courses and seminars.

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