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bms Marketing Consultancy

Collaborative consulting, working in close cooperation with the client’s own staff to resolve marketing problems and opportunities.

bms offers consultancy across a broad spectrum of marketing-related areas, including strategic marketing planning, digital transformation, implementation support, brand optimisation and customer relationship management.

bms typically works alongside client management to develop and implement strategies that deliver business success.

bms experience spans a comprehensive range of marketing related areas, including, but not limited to:

  1. Marketing Strategy Development

  2. Digital Marketing Strategy

  3. Marketing Plan Generation

  4. Segment & Target Development

  5. Positioning Optimisation

  6. Brand Optimisation

  7. New Product Development

  8. Business Partner Matching

  9. Acquisition Target Evaluation

  10. Customer Relationship Management


bms's strong grounding in marketing theory and practice, combined with solid market research and analysis capability, ensures that our strategic advice is well-grounded with solid insights into customers and markets.

bms consultants can also offer guidance to companies on further outside marketing resource requirements and assist in locating the best possible solution providers.

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