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About bms

Creative Solutions to Marketing Problems

Mission: to enhance the performance of marketing oriented professionals through the provision of tailored solutions in marketing consultancy, research and training to complement their own strengths.

History: Established in Europe in 1992 and USA in 2000.

Activities: bms tailored marketing solutions include a broad range of marketing consultancy, research and training solutions

Sector Focus:

•           Industrial and Technology Value Chains

•           Materials: Chemicals, Plastics, Rubber, Composites.

•           Engineering: Construction, Electronics, Machinery, Automotive.

•           Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Devices and Services.

Marketing Focus:

•           International Marketing

•           Digital and Traditional Marketing

•           Research, Consulting and Training

Location: Zug, Switzerland

Personnel: Flexible qualified network of associate consultants, researchers and instructors, delivering optimally tailored solutions.

Management: Richard Beswick, Managing Director of bms AG and University Professor with extensive experience in marketing consultancy, research, training and lecturing at MBA and DBA level, publishing and presenting.

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