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bms is dedicated to the provision of tailored marketing solutions

bms offers a comprehensive series of training courses on marketing and market research.


bms in-company training seminars typically focus on the client company's own product range and market, thereby insuring the link between marketing and the company's business context.

Training Needs  Assessment Guide

bms Training Needs Assessment


bms believes that the key to successful training programmes design lies in combining a careful assessment of the organisation's objectives with a depth analysis of the employees' requirements. We therefore offer pre-course analysis to assist clients in the development of the relevant and company specific courses.


bms - 10 Step Approach to Developing Effective Training Courses:


  1. Performance objectives: Identify, categorise and prioritise the organisation's performance objectives -current and future.
  2. Means: Determine the means - training and non training - to meet the objectives.
  3. Training Objectives: Identify, categorise and prioritise training objectives.
  4. Current Level of Training: Establish current level of training by subject category.
  5. Needs Assessment: Determine what priorities staff have for training.
  6. Conduct Gap Analysis: Requirements vs. current training levels & needs.
  7. Cost Benefit Analysis: Specific efficiency targets from training programmes.
  8. Design Course: Combine priorities, gap analysis and cost benefit to design courses.
  9. Implement Courses: Timetable programme and engage necessary resources.
  10. Monitor and Improve: Feedback as a means to optimise the process.